Perry and the Governors

Thank you for posting this.

Note the shot at the first where Perry says Obama said, I don’t trust you (Governors), first Jindal and then Haley start nodding in agreement.

Interesting to watch Perry. I understand this was impromptu, unscripted, but he he tends to stut stutter so much it’s hard hard to listen to. I have the same problem with Rush, really. The Stutterer in Chief just makes me want someone who can begin and end a sentence with only sufficient syllables.

This is besides Perry’s having shown himself to be soft on borders in the past, and there was that crony vaccination thing, and… not that I think he’s bad, or that we need someone who’s perfect (Mrs adds: At least he’s not Romney!), but he could be stronger. He may be toughening up, as the struggle heats up. Hope so. Hope our Gov. Fallin is ready to tough it out, too.