Pointing People to Christ


I probably mentioned it (about St Pio) because I tend to read books on the same subject or the same books over and over again. Yes, bilocation is the ability to be seen by several people in several places at the same time. Apparently, St Francis of Assisi was credited with this too. I like your story of the Indian guru. People across religious traditions have been examples of this. I am firmly and unapologetically a Christian, but I do think there is something of the holy that unites people of great faith and love and prayer across traditions.

It's not so much that I'm fascinated by these strange phenomenon of Pio. It's more the fact that he could tel people their sins before the confessed or that he spent hours in prayer or that in his body he showed the wounds of Christ and Doctors testified that he was not hysterical and the wounds were not made by auto suggestion. I guess I find that identifying with Christ so very powerful, but the most important thing is not those sorts of things but that he was always pointing people to Christ which changed their lives. George Whitfield and Francis Asbury and John Wesley had gifts of the Holy Spirit which were used by God to draw people to Christ in powerful ways and they didn't have the ability to bilobate.

Because of what's happening in the world I think we need spiritual revival in the Christian Churches now and these people I read-Protestant and Catholic were instruments of that in their time..