Pot Isn't More Powerful Now

* Replying to Various Part 2 *

Pot isn't more powerful now. Back mumbledy decades ago, I had Thai stick, Jamaican Red, Acupulco Gold. Just once, a single leaf - leaf! - of something called New Mexico Blue, which really was NM sky color - and it was like smoking black Afghani finger hash. But the Brazilian we got one time, in a deal that would make a great Cheech & Chong style movie, made all those other things seem like ditch weed.

So, it's just that good pot is more readily available. And if you're not acclimated to the good stuff, well, a room full of us passed out half-way through a bowl of Brazilian knows how you feel. I imagine I'd get floored pretty easily by plain old Columbian or Mexican nowadays.

Ah, the early '70s. Oops. That is statute of limitations years ago now, right?