“…we’re doing it for ourselves…” was as far as I watched when Cuzzin Brandon posted that video on his blog under the heading “Literally Painful.”

I know some here will surely remember Rev. Ike? His bombastic declaration that ‘God wants you to have a gold Cadillac like me, so send me money,’ was just fun to listen to. These modern prosperity preachers are like modern twangy-voiced rock calling itself country. Rev. Ike was the, what, Merle Haggard of Prosperity Gospel, with his old-fashioned tent revival type exhortations.

It’s funny how just-off-center it is. God has nothing against prosperity, stability, health, or comfort, of course, yet few men can prosper industriously, while remaining unattached to the hazards of wealth, honest in transactions, wise in investment, and benevolent in success. Such folks do exist, and are the best long-term employers in a stable society, and the creators of, yeah, trickle-down prosperity for everyone.