Quicksilver's Scene Has Been One of the Best

naturalfake: ...The most spectacular character in XMen: Apocalypse with the best action sequences is "Quicksilver".
Who is a complete "Flash" ripoff, right down to the positive, confident, yet spritely attitude.

Yeah, this is the 2nd time Quicksilver's scene has been one of the best scenes in the x-flick.

If the TV Flash were done with that kind of quality, it would be much better, but I've gotta say, the movie Quicksilver seems to be so fast he makes the TV Flash seem like he's standing still.

When I were a tyke, I asked my mommy to subscribe to two comic books for me, the Flash and Green Lantern. Which were brand-new (silver age versions) at the time. Flash has always been dear to me. BTW, Mom did, to her credit, subscribe for me - despite heavy anti-comic-book advices of the time. Imagine my disappointment to find they shipped them folded in half (veritically). Still, I always ran when I heard the mail flap clank.