Re: Re-writing Reality

Re: Re-writing Reality...

If you could be Lord over the nation, you'd think of lots of ways to change everything, because you're smarter than anybody.

If you were Prince over the planet, you'd certainly run the place differently - what a mess it was until you exerted your wisdom! (And thus did the Prince of this world put the foundations out of kilter practically from the beginning of humanity.)

If you had dominion over hundreds of worlds, and your ego got the better of you, you'd know you can do better than the alleged First Source, and would re-make things with your liberal ideas. (And thus did the Father of Lies pervert his domain, dragging a third of the angels down with him.)

If you were the true God of all Creation, you'd set things up just as they are, because in the Ultimate perspective, it's for the best, even if only the Creators can fully understand it that way while time unfolds.

Funny about that.


Tomorrow threatens to be a long day. Got to go - should've been gone already.

Good night, Gracies.