Re-using Work

Chrissy, I had been about to praise your cartooning skills, when I thought, oh, no, wait, wait, that caricature of the traitor in chief, with those ears on his neck, looks like Ramirez’ work.

Seriously, regret calling you on a poster again. (And, Ramirez is an unmistakable style!) Know you have no violatin’ intent.

But.. reminds me of a story (whips out grampaw hat and worn corncob pipe)… I was “complimented” by having a cartoon of mine from the high school paper lifted and re-captioned by another school paper. Forty-five years ago,., the heady days when my work was popular. :(


Speaking of cartoons, are the smilies-images on WordPress now too big for anyone else? I’m on Windows, running Opera browser, and the smilies all recently became too big for their boxes, by about 200%. (If you’re not seeing it, this must sound pretty strange.) @@