Reaganbook Not Quite Up N Running

Looks like Reaganbook is not quite up n running.

" We will be opening the doors again soon "

All power to them. I might even join. And I am no joiner.

The power of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube is their massive popularity. Everybody else is there. ("Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded.")

Well, I don't Face or Tweet, but if I wanted to have mass contact, that's where I'd go.

Wikipedia edited by thousands is (theoretically, okay, theoretically) smarter than Conservapedia (if it's still up), edited by a few. I keep using YouTube and Google image search, and have an Android cell, even though I detest Google. And I seem to have returned to AT&T even though I'm sure I remember dancing on their grave decades ago. The power of Big.