Reagan's time has passed?

"Reagan's time has passed.... Yes, we could restore that America, but I see no one who has the vision, guts and skill to do it. Instead, I see a bunch of people who give lip service to the values of the real America and keep bringing up a speech that is no longer relevant...." —MrScribbler

Reagan's time never was, just some hints, partial realizations of what can be, as proof of concept. But people like Goldwater and Reagan are remembered, and continue to inspire people born decades after those men lived. Why, look! There's a vid of Reagan, right there!

Few? Yes. Opposed? Mightily. However, I seem to recall a small ragtag bunch of folks whose leader was only around for a few years before he was cruelly executed by the Establishment of the day, yet those few went on to become a force which overturned the Roman Empire and changed the course of human civilization. And continue to do so. I can't quite imagine the outnumbered, ostracized, persecuted early believers fretting that their inspiring leader's time had passed and still achieving what they did.

Believe and hold to principle. We have a secret weapon in the attractive power of truth, clearly started. Isn't that the Reagan legacy?