Real Men Don't Eat Quiche

VIA: Ate about half of it, and later told her that was one of our local markets better ones....

Whoa! Not only a fantastic cook but a forgiving wife, if you didn't end up in the doghouse for that one!

BurtTC: Real men don't eat quiche - yeah, I know the book. I think the attitude preceded the book, but that certainly popularized it. Presumably, it's partly because the name is in the language of those "cheese-eating surrender weasels"... who are now kicking ass on mosques and invaders.

I've mentioned before, when we last had a cafe, we served "Quiche and Quinoa," and the sign said, "just say 'keesh and keen-wah'" - for the Okie crowd.

The most excellent little quichelet I just had was prepared a couple of days ago by Milady. About three minutes in the nuclear oven at half-power to re-heat. Great snack. It had shredded zucchini, no bacon, but, "zucchini" just didn't fit the meter of my little pome.