Recovered Texts

Wow! Opera Browser retained all my texts.

Since I could recover them...


I am completely disoriented by Ace's 3am thread. It'd be like Vic posting the news on the ONT.

Morning, Glories!


Thanks for the news, Vic. Best summary in the solar system.

Levin's new book has opened at #1 on the NYT bestseller list.

Milady did her bit to help out. Got her copy two days ago.


Vic: Ten years ago I would have "black helicopter" crazy. Now the crazier it is the more likely that it is true.

Behold the wonders of "fundamental transformation."


MrScribbler: Strange failure of the logic/compassion interface: it won't bug me at all when Jimmuh taps out, but I really hate that it's from cancer, which even he shouldn't get.

Yeah, when we said, "Why can't he just die already!?!" we just wanted him dead, cleanly. Like, having a Habitat for Humanity house fall on him.

I'll say it. God bless the Carter family. Cancer sux.