Regarding amygdala, brain size, will power

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regarding amygdala, brain size, will power

(excluding statistically small # of cases where tumor or bad wiring physically hampers will)

it may be natively harder for those who can "handle ambiguity" to reason and choose wisely, but every normal brain is imminently trainable. A smaller mind raised in a righteous environment will reason more clearly than a clever mind trained wrongly. ("It's that so much of what they do know is wrong!" -RR)

As my electronics guru put it back before PC's were popular, any computer can do the job of any other computer, it just takes longer.

In dealing with the differently-wired, there's a "language" barrier. One has to figure out how to put reasonable concepts into the emotional hearing range, without loads of imaginary noise, prejudicial misperceptions, being interpolated. It can be done. Misguidance can be corrected. Takes more patience and understanding than I can usually muster, but minds can be enlightened.

Some of 'em.


I think...