Rest In Peace, Marine

Wow, dusty in here. Thanks for this, Pete!

A few small errors in the transcript - which I really appreciated, btw - most not worth mentioning, but a few that matter, if someone want to tweak it:

• Paragraph 1, the only really significant meaning error:

haven’t been prouder to being a Marine
should be
have been prouder of being a Marine

• At the end of Paragraph 3 should be:

Your candor and your honesty from both of you men is much needed in this day and time.

• Paragraph 6:

this fight for our country
should be
this fight to restore our country

• and

So many blessings I have known
should be
So many wonderful blessings I have known and so many kind and loving people in this country whom I have met during my fight for this country.

Thanks again, PP.