Return to You Some of the Encouragement

My prayer (all 1/65,000th of a mustard seed's worth) for ye spouse, FenelonSpoke. I understand it's hard, but that sounds like a job it's good to be out of. I mean, not the job per se but a business that treats employees like that.

I would try to return to you some of the encouragement you've helped convey to me, FS, and say something like, "When one door closes, another one opens..," but my cynical wit has to kick in a caveat, because, too often, trying to squeeze through what I thought was the next open door, it closed too fast on my... extremities.

I'll try again, invoking the J-dude:

"Fear not" and "be of good cheer" - they're not just feel-good ideas, they're the command of the Son of God!