Revealing Moment

Last time I checked, despite exponential growth in the web, seemed like I couldn't find as many articles about 'Arkancides' as I could a few years previous. Of course, those kinds of rumors about the Clintons were all just a bunch of right-wing-nuts conspiracy theorists.

So, why does my blood freeze when I read that on the Ellen show Mr Bill reflected…

“But the thing about ‘Scandal’ and ‘House of Cards’ that makes it fun to watch is that I can’t imagine that either a President Spacey or the president’s chief of staff on ‘Scandal’ could really get away with murder,” Clinton chuckled, to laughs from the daytime talk show’s audience.

“I wish I’d known about that when I was in office,” the 42nd president added, before wondering aloud, “You know, think of all the opportunities I’ve missed … so little time … so many people had it coming. Crazy.”