Rick Perry pro and con

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Rick Perry, Sarah Palin

Just read through A Case for Rick Perry at Legal Insurrection, including all the comments so far. Especially in the comments, there's lots of good examination of the pros and cons. Worth slogging through. (Also, LI seems to have the same kind of control over trolls & flamers that we enjoy here at HillBuzz, which is nice. There's a couple sniping at each other, but it's water pistols compared to the flamethrowers elsewhere.)

Like Palin, Perry's getting a lot of coverage and looking like a candidate without having declared. He doesn't look great on some of the hard-right's top issues like immigration, public education, the Trans-Texas corridor. He's a Bilderberger FWIW. Ex-Democrat. A commenter noted, an ex-TEXAS Dem -- it's the party that moved away from him, but Perry also worked for the rascal Algore. Some say he's not reliable on keeping promises. On less hard-right issues, his economic record & claims are called into question. There was some criticism in later comments of the InfoWars article, 14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President. Just giving highlights from what I read, so best check it out for yourself. Also, I think I heard on Glenn Beck the other day that Perry is 2nd only to LBJ as a lifer politician. Maybe that was just in Texas? (Wish Beck had transcripts online I could search through.)

An interesting exchange of comments for Palin fans:
AHLondon: The rumor is that if Perry gets in, Palin will stay out.
john.frank: target="_blank" The rumor... was started by Bachmann’s people in Iowa and South Carolina.
AHLondon: Actually, I got the info from RedState.
So, I checked the RedState article: "if Rick Perry winds up getting into the race... it guarantees that Sarah Palin will not run for President. I have it from sources close to both Governors that Palin will not run if Perry runs."
I don't know how "close" those "sources" might be, but I expect Sarah is still keeping her cards close to her chest, and any such source is long on speculation and short on facts.

A few days back, I wondered on here what had happened to Sarah's tour. Here's the word straight from the Grizzley's keyboard. Her tour "hasn’t been cancelled... looking forward to hitting the open road again... called up for jury duty... I look forward to doing my part just like every other Alaskan... The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes...." I really like her!