RIP Jan Hooks

RIP SNL funny gal Jan Hooks.

When Milady was young, her family and the Dunns were close neighbors, and the families still are close, even if time has driven these Chicago families in different directions. You don't lose affection for your oldest friends.

We loyally watched the seasons when Nora was on SNL. In fact, it's why we bought our first VCR. Nora may be uber-liberal (W Side Chicago upbringing like that which Milady had to grow out of) but she's funny, and she had a good run on SNL; however, she was severely underutilized. The Good Old Boys writers group (think: Franken) didn't think much of the women's funny ideas, so we heard. But occasionally, the ladies could sneak a skit past the boys. One of the recurring bits that Nora and Jan Hooks did was the over-the-top nightclub singers The Sweeny Sisters.

Here's the link for the TMZ article on Jan Hooks' death. The top photo is of the Sweeny Sisters. They also included a poor-quality but classic video of the Sweeny Sisters at home for Christmas, from the great episode that featured Bill (Capt Kirk) Shatner. The pair put a lot of work into their totally-nutty duets. Alas, the video seems to have been removed already. However, I tracked down another copy online. Watch it before it's removed, too? It's not YouTube, so I'm not going to try to embed it. Here's the link.