Scandals? What scandals?

“Women’s rights are human rights,” Clinton tweeted. “That was a radical idea back in 1995. It shouldn’t still be two decades later.”

Um... radical for whom, exactly, in 1995? If anything, everything's been tilted in women's favor since the 1960s.Oh, oh, yeah, there's only one "right" they're talking about here. Ugh.

Mika Brzezinski: Melania, Ivanka Are a ‘Joke’ — ‘These Women Have Been Given Fake Jobs’

The irony of the projection is strong on this one.

Scandal-Free Jugears Years??
From a commenter on Ace this morning, an incomplete list:

  • missing stimulus money
  • the Sestak affair
  • DealerGate
  • politicization of the National Endowment of the Arts
  • DOJ settlement slush funds
  • Operation Fast and Furious
  • the firing of Americorps IG Gerald Walpin
  • the IRS targeting scandal
  • ObamaCare lies
  • DOJ spying on journalists
  • Benghazi
  • the Pigford scandal
  • the NSA spying scandal
  • the EPA Gold King Mine spill
  • the GSA Las Vegas scandal
  • the VA death list scandal
  • Solyndra
  • shutdown theater,
  • the State Department whistleblower scandal
  • the Taliban Five/Bergdahl trade
  • the Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment
  • the skewing of ISIS intel
  • EmailGate
  • mass spying on Americans
  • unmasking Trump associates/li>