Seeing Green

Thanks for another great bunch of links, vids, & comments, Pete.

Remember when the media was merely biased, and not outright flaming enemies of the American people? Anyway, they hid it better. Trump spends ten seconds retweeting a brief, funny video and the propaganda mills spend a week exclaiming their butthurtedness. Meanwhile, he lowers WH costs by tens of millions, praises the military, and says we'll help save a baby from death-happy Europe - and the propaganda mills have nothing to say. Farewell, fakers.

Grampaw sees colors (presumably): very moving. Color is underrated as a sense. My dad was red-green colorblind (not sure the glasses work for that) - and there was a small-town stoplight on the way to the lake that was hung sideways. Dad could never remember whether green was on the left or right. If he didn't catch the yellow, and didn't have anyone on-board to check for him, he would stop, and if cars behind him honked, he knew he had the green.

Legalizing weed: I confess, I've partaken of the herb a few times statute-of-limitations years ago. (Just for research purposes, of course, for my old Head Shop comics.) And, I've been a proponent of repeal of Federal pot prohibition since before I ever partooked. But I'm ag'in' these state "legalizations," whether honestly recreational or alleged "medical," at least, as long as they are violating the (unenforced but still there) Federal laws.

I'd like to see Donny Two-Scoops tell his lawmen to crack down on all the pot, users, growers, and dealers. No faster way to finally get the Vice-Squad Feds out of our pipes and papers. It works well. Oklahoma was (IIRC) the last state to end full booze prohibition, but I'm sure we still have some dry counties. When Oklahoma's DA cracked down on our antiquated and frequently-ignored liquor "club" laws, voters approved liquor-by-the-drink practically right away. Of course, it took decades just to get that far, and we still can't buy wine or full-strength beer at the grocery store (changes may be in store). Likewise, I expect Oklahoma to still be "pot-dry" years after all the adjoining states have gone full recreational legal. But at least it'll be only a state issue. As it ought to be.

(He dismounts from soapbox, but stumbles - Russian judges give it only a "3".)