She trusts all this completely to the Most Highs

Wow, I actually made it to the bottom of an AoS comment list! (Anyway, up to #220 as I compose this.) And what a ride! Many good and thoughtful comments on both sides of the "Is Palin running" question. And of course much crap. And some fun. Now, I hope, my humble but prolix comment (my first on AoS, I think) will be so far down the list and so late in the day that no one notices.

I don't think I've ever been so concerned for our country, seeing our desperate need to defeat the tyrants, and the danger of RINOs throwing 2012. As a jaded old fool, I'm surprised at myself that I can seriously support a candidate without hesitation. This is the first time in my political life, and that means since I didn't vote for Nixon's re-election (and, no, I didn't vote for the Dem). I didn't think that much about her in '08, but since then, I've been watching, and Sarah Palin seems indomitable.

Of the comments here, mrp (141) put it best: "She's running for the presidency - and running hard. She crossed the political Rubicon in April with her 'Game On, Mr. President!' challenge...." If not before! I also think Tony Lee put that well back in April with his Top Ten Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Running For President -- note the present-tense.

She's not playing coy. She looks as "presidential" as any woman we've had in that office so far. (heh) Seriously, as Shiggz (29) put it, "under the hot media sun she has grown and blossomed rather then wilted." So, people who think "it's gonna take a while to rehab her image" really have it backwards, boy! (36)

Maybe I'm reading her completely wrong, but she's honest, sincere, and true-blue in all she says. (How many other candidates would look just the same in public words as in umpteen-thousand private emails? Damned clever to pull that off!) She's on the right side of everything, which you can't really say about anyone else. I'll skip the defense of that, but when she enthusiastically praises the strong field of candidates, all those lesser lights, warts and all, she means it (where I would not).

She already has lots more in place than "fawning fan-boys," Adjoran (164), but yeah, she could run a campaign from Facebook and still smother almost anyone. She has the growing base, the popular power, and the personal stamina. Importantly, she also has the right positions, the grace to deal with the enemies (literal and political), yet the unyielding strength never to cave in. She's tried, tested, and ready. She can win. Nominate her, and despite all that Soros, the Meedja, the brainwashed, and the RINOs throw at her, she will win. Big! Then, she will guide America back on track.*

What so many folks, pro and con, seem to miss is something about Palin that stands 'way 'way outside the norm for politicians. She is honest, sincere, clear-minded, but most of all puts her fate completely in the hands of the Almighty. The timing of her official entry, the course of her campaign, whether she wins the nomination, whether she'll win the election, and how she will lead in office, she trusts all this completely to the "most highs [who] rule in the kingdoms [and Republics] of men [and women]." I noticed. D'ya think the Most Highs will?

For all her joyous spirit, she also knows the terrible price that might be, very well will be, extracted from her, and her family, if she runs, and if she wins. She is willing to bear what comes, not for her sake, but for the sake of service.

*Most importantly, now, we need to have not just a true Constitutionalist in the Oval Office, but on her coattails sweeping in an overwhelming majority of like-minded folks in both houses of Congress, or the Presidency will not be enough. No one else could do that but President Palin!

In any case, we've really got to get Piper into the White House!