She's Tough. But She's 96.

Argh. Pixy-banned IP block, I guess. Try #2...

Hi, folks. Nice pic today. I actually understood it.

Overcast but pleasant temperatures here in NEOK this morning. Good to see some much-needed rain in the forecast. We've had too many days thick with the smoke of raging grass fires around these parts.

Last week my little sister, and her left-coast adult son, came to Tulsa for a few days. Left-coast son unfortunately brought in some alien flu and was bed-bound most of the visit. After they left, our nonagenarian mother came down with it. Apparently, his brand of alien flu was not covered by her annual flu shot this year.

She's tough. But she's 96. But tough. But 96.

So, a whisper or two of prayer for here would not be unwelcome, if you feel so inclined.

Now, I'm a'gonna roll back and check the morning report.