Since You Asked So Kindly

Since you asked so kindly...

Temperature in the mid-50s. Rained through the night and into the morning, but now it's blue skies and some threads of puffy white clouds. Nice day for any month, much less January.

Waiting for that final word on my eldest brother (73), in the hospital with cancer and complications (some doctor-induced), sedated, not expected to wake again. I believe in miracles, but they aren't always what we hope for.

Younger sister is sitting with him. She's having a hard time watching him fade. She's 15 years younger than he is, so, almost a kind of father or uncle relationship.

Our daughter went down yesterday to stay with our mom (96), took her to church this morning. So hard to lose a child at any age, but Mom's enduring. (She's already "lost" our middle brother, hatefully estranged and reclusive, lost many years ago.)

And Milady and I are still crawling back from the awful flu we got after Christmas. Just a shallow cough remaining but obnoxious.

More than you wanted to know, perhaps, but now you know... the wrest of the stoli.

Oh, yeah, and Chelsea Clinton will never be First Daughter again.