Sinful Sensations

Jinx the Cat: Missouri... the curious collection of billboards advertising sex shops, gambling and Winston Churchill...

Didn't see any Churchill (what was that famous speech he gave at a Mo. college?), but the sex store billboards hit as soon as you roll into the state on I-44.

First one I saw tonight had the tagline "Sinful Sensations." Reminds me of the old pre-Playboy days when the girlie mags would have names that invoked sin, the devil, and the like. Compare with the recent casino billboard in Oklahoma, "Good clean fun" - suggesting, it's not a sin, it's not dirty, it's good, and clean, and fun to throw your money away.

Jesus save us.

Which is the place to mention #5 and my final road observation so I can quit my highway-buzzed rambling and finish reading the post and some comments before I crash:

Passed a sign for a Missouri state highway called


Thought it was an ad for Hooters.