Some of those Bible "promises"

Some of those Bible "promises" reflect what today is called (I think) the Prosperity gospel,

an ancient superstition that material success and comfort reflect the favor of the gods, rather than material intelligence like thrift and savings and wise investment, by which saints and sinners alike may find earthly wealth;

and under which teaching, lack of success means disfavor of deity rather than the intrinsic "punishment" for poor choices or unforeseen circumstantial setbacks the risk of which naturally accompany all enterprises.

Job never did get the right picture, but wisely rejected such teachings as inappropriate when his "friends" tried to tell him his troubles were his own fault.

The statements are always true spiritually; even when they maybe weren't meant but materially. Comfort will be given for the sincere and faithful asking, but it may be "merely" deep internal reassurance and strength to endure, rather than fluffy pillows and milkshakes.

"Effort does not always produce success, but there is no happiness without effort." -some old saying