Spark Goes Missing for a Day

Three pet tails from this week, two from today.


Night before last, early dawning really, Milady hears the old gray cat, Spark, whining to be let out. She lets him out, goes back to bed. Later, when I get up, he's not around, and doesn't show up all morning. Since he's usually a steady porch-sitter, and on-time for every meal, that was worrisome. But, when we got home in the evening, there he was. Jus' fine.

When they get older, or don't follow usual habits, it can be worrying. From eagles and owls to raccoons and coyotes, there's a lot out there to nab a kitteh. But, our foursome seems to survive. (The dog being out a lot to ward off predators helps a lot, I'm sure.)

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