St Nick's Traditions

Are those shoes set out for St. Nickolas' Day?

Leaving goodies in shoes — even weirder than in stockings (hung by the chimney with care). lt's a tradition I'd never heard of, but Milady's family (Catholic, Chicago) always did. So, we started when our kids were little.

Now the kids are all moved out. But MJ & I carry on for each other. Out-of-town son gifted his then-girlfriend (now the parents of our grandson I just have to mention :) ) last year. Can't be sure, but seem to remember daughter gifted other son last year (both live in the same apartment building).

Silly, but memorable tradition. (Sings with Yiddish accent: Tradition!)

Or maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about? ;)

The year MJ was pregnant with the twin boys, our Christmas Card was a pic of flip-flops - mine, hers, daughter's, and two tiny decorative pair (like, keyring or rear view mirror dangly size).