Sticking it to Tolkien

Clinton quote was from Weasel Zippers quoting The Hill


By high school, I was a hard SF fan, didn't care for fantasy or sword and sorcery. Tolkien's masterwork is a class unto itself. I read them all in High School, including all those appendices. Of course, whether Milady liked it, too, was a big test of our love (haha); we adventured through it reading together. Maybe twice. Soon after we moved back to Oklahoma, we read the whole series through aloud to the kids as nighttime stories. And when they got older, they all read through Hobbit and Lord of the Rings on their own. That's how much we like it.

I hope someday somebody can adapt them to live-action film, true to the books. I would hate for anyone to adulterate them horribly and leave a stinking pile of rubbish as the film version for decades to come. (Bad enough what they did to the later Harry Potter books; the first one is still the best.) Anyone who would pervert Tolkien must be a horrible ogre, an orc of lowest breeding. A servant of Sauron!

Oh, look. Says here, Peter Jackson gave Colbert a LOTR Sword, saying, “This is for sticking it to the Tea Party in the forthcoming election."

Video at Truth Revolt I haven't watched.