Struggling with Strollers

cth: Living with twin infants is more than enough to wear a parent to a frazzle. TRAVELLING with them must be a nightmare.


Yes, yes it was. Both. But, we never tried to take a twin stroller on a plane!


Our twin boys were tiny when we had to take them back to the hospital for some kind of check.

We decided, since we were out, we'd stop for some food at a French restaurant (owned by an old family friend; Milady once worked there). We each had a sleepy little newborn in one arm, using our free hands together to tear the baguette.

A woman saw us and asked how old the boys were. We said, four days.

And she looked at us as if to say, why aren't you lunatics locked up?

Them boys be all growed up now, though. The one who lives down in Big City needs to get married to his pregnant girlfriend VERY SOON!