Stupid Cereal and Toppings

Skimming the Stupid Milk

It's amusing to me to listen to traditional libertarians (like Julie Borowski) or old-fashioned liberals (like Sargon). I like them. Their best principles are practically indistinguishable from limited-government Constitutional conservatism. Quite different from the open-borders legalize-everything extremists who took over the Libertarian Party and certainly nothing like the tyrannical collectivist regressives going as Liberals. I can understand why traditional liberals and libertarians wouldn't think of calling themselves conservatives, though, if the models of conservatism are RINOs and DIABLOs.

Sliced Stupid Bananas

As usual, the irony of projection here, as MacLean showed no solidarity nor empathy with autistics. Let me see if I can re-work this to better accuracy?

“Many of the architects of so-called Progressivism seem to be what Ann Barnhardt calls "Diabolical Narcissists"—you know, people who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others.”