Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

grammie winger: ...March 11, 1970, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young released their first LP "Deja vu"....

(Haven't read all comments. Forgive any redundancy.)

This one had me scratching my head. I guess you mean CSN&Y's first album. CS&N had released their eponymous album the year before. (He said with the confidence of someone who checked Wikipedia.)

I remember distinctly where I was, driving along, the first time I heard "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes." Who the heck are these guys, I wondered, rocketing to the top of the radio playlists like this!?!

Soon realized they were from other, familiar bands.

(Time magazine not long after had a full-page or maybe two-page spread tracking various rock "superstars" involvement in various bands.)