Sunday! Time to change out the tape on the cell cams

Sunday! Time to change out the tape on the cell cams, paranoid reich-winge nutjobs.

Don't know about cams on desktops & laptops, since I don't have those, but the "lens covers" on the cell pick up a lot of pocket lint. Need to be changed about weekly with normal pocket time.

Freezer tape - check the food threads - is not completely residue-free, but is designed to stick well but peel off easily.

The tricky part is cutting little bits of index card to size. Make a "bandage" with the card part as the 'pad' going over the lens.

Fold over the edge of the end of the tape, to make a handle for quick removal.

The front lens is just a mini version of the same. This is where I really want to be able to buy these rather than make them.

Be sure not to tape over the flash or power switch.

To block the microphone, you need a four-point plug, like you have with a plug-in headset with mic. Two- or three-contact plugs will not cut out the mic. (I have not fully tested this.)

Next week: the how-to video.
Week after that: peel-off lens sticker sets from Mindful Marketplace.