Talking TRAINS

"Politics??? We're talking TRAINS here woman, let us be!"

Heh. Seriously.

My 2¢ worth of train trivia.

Dad had a small O gauge set-up in the basement, but by the time I was old enough to enjoy it, the family was falling apart, and I didn't get to fully appreciate it. Wonder whatever happened to all Dad's trainboard stuff.

I got to play with a friends HO-scale set-up, though.

Never got a home with a trainboard for myself. One of those things you think you'll easily be able to have as an adult. Heh. No.

But here at the ranch, half a mile away, the full-scale trains rumble by every night. Just far enough away that the rumble and whistling are pleasant, not disturbing. That, to me, is life as it should be.