Ted Felt So Tranquil

From Fenelon's Daily Bread link

"...The criminal was subdued, but Ted was shot in the crossfire. As he was driven by ambulance to the hospital, he felt deep waves of peace flowing over his soul from the Holy Spirit. Ted felt so tranquil that he was able to offer words of comfort to the law enforcement officer who was emotionally distraught over the crisis...."

Those deep waves of peace happen to come after they'd administered some drugs to him?

The car in which I was a passenger hit a horse back in Texas in Feb '78. I awoke to cold wind, covered in shattered windshield, stuck to the blood, fortunately most of it the horse's, but a considerable amount mine. I never felt any pain. Although groggy, I was clear about the circumstances. (The driver was fine BTW.)

Once I was fully awake, I was able to ascertain that my insides were okay. I remember lying on the stretcher by the car, joking with the ambulance attendants as they cut off my shirt. In the ambulance, I tried to joke, "watch out, guys, there's horses on the road tonight!" (Although whether they could actually understand me with my dashboard-smashed mouth and delirium, I don't know).

Shock is an amazing thing.

Don't think me just cynical. The Holy Spirit is an amazing thing, too. After that wreck was definitely one of those times when all I could do was just be there, with my fate utterly outside my hands. Can't do anything else? Might as well trust!

I guess the physical condition of shock could be a Holy Spirit helper.