Ten-spot from the past

Mrs had a dresser which belonged to her mother, and was giving it to our daughter, so, naturally, I get The Dirty Job, to vacuum up the cobwebs underneath it.

Stuck under the very bottom, rolled up, was a 1950 $10 bill. It wasn't under a drawer, it was stuck in a groove in the wood "skirt" around the bottom.

If you look at the back of the bill, you can see the patch of varnish stain on what was the outside of the rolled-up bill. Was it in there when (if) the dresser was refinished, or did the varnish just transfer over the years?

We've got it flattening out in a book. Mrs hopes to find a two-sided frame to display it. Nothing special about it. Just an old Federal Reserve Note.

But how did it get there? Did her mother put it there? Was it some kind of reserve emergency money? Not easy to stash or to get to, but sure wouldn't be found by an intruder.

This mystery - it's all I have to bring to the buffet tonight. That, and some real-sugar Mexican Coca-Colas and a barrel of discount cheese doodles.