That's the blushing Stan Lee twist?

"And he was right - about a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a 'holy shit, THAT's how the book ends!' brainstorm, and I've been writing ever since." -MPPPP

That's the blushing Stan Lee twist? (Was you used that line, right?)

There is that thing of "math anxiety" - apparently the brain cells that would do numbers get choked by - or their CPU is totally tied up by - anxiety about getting the answer. I can imagine much of creativity being blocked by anxiety like that, and removing the writer's block is darn near non-Biden literally what the relief does, whatever it takes to relieve the dread, chemistry, psychology, or faith..

"Fear not!" - it's not just a good idea ... it's the commandment of the Son of God! And he knew he was not asking of us an easy thing by telling us to "Be of good cheer." What. A. Taskmaster!