The AoSHQ Cobs and Commenters

Long & Late and maybe tangential since I think I dozed off reading part of the post, but since I done wrote it, here 'tis.

Comments will get hotter as the war gets hotter. And it's gonna be a long stretch before comfortable times return. Counting on you, General.

Already, in my few years here, I sense, policies here have had to... stretch... as times worsen; without yielding principle or control, of course. That's skill. I salute our host, the cobs, in their role of policing a true channel of open communication in the midst of the propaganda wars.

This is, I guess, where I should finally bring up that I have, for over a week now, pondered Maetenloch's 4am post #694 on the Aug 12 ONT.
(Sure would be nice if port 1080 didn't obviate internal links on comment pages, Pixy!!)

"...Frankly I've gotten to where I don't enjoy the comments here anymore either. ... There's a reason you rarely see cobs in the comments anymore," said Maet, bemoaning nostalgically over "fun threads of old."

I could write a much longer post about all he wrote in that comment. Sometime.

I understand unpleasant times, arguments, and individuals. It's when we let the bad bits be cumulative in our emotional memory that we get discouraged.

Times like these, this kind of outpost of civilization is rare, much-needed, and as you should well know, threatened from various sides. Frankly, we need folks like, well, the folks in charge here, to be vigorously joyous in their duty, lest we all feel the sting of consequences. Some guy used to frequently suggest, "Be of good cheer" and "Fear not." Simple advice direct from Deity.

Frankly, to my decades of online reading, and such familiarity as I have with other current blogs, AoS commentaria is the most amazing of civilizations, a well-run monarchy which knows when to leave good citizens alone, but slap a troublemaker in stocks... even if the monarch occasionally gets het up on valu-rite and mistakes an innocent citizen for a hobo. Nobody's perfect.

I'd also like to acknowledge those commenters on AoSHQ who are highly skilled at the biting but not over the line rant, the akido of flipping the bird, the "aren't you special" "bless your heart" school of burying someone alive. Such inspiration has helped me greatly to apply my personal philosophy of never using a cussword when a well-turned, acid-filled phrase can be hurled, never engaging in ad hominem when one may strip one's debate opponent's arguments naked in the middle of the thoroughfare; and, generally, speaking softly when I want to SMASH!

Because, I'm always angry.