The bullet hole-ridden window

My grandfather had a loaded shotgun on a gun rack in his living room for years. ... He never had to worry about those kids touching that gun.... —Case

Told this before, but... the house we're in was originally a little family hunting (drinking, gambling) lodge. The gun rack over the old kitchen sink always had at least that old .22 sitting there. Loaded. Good for rats, snakes, and plinking.No, the kids would never screw with it, but....

My older brother told me, during a party, one of Dad's 'friends' pointed that .22 at Dad's head and said, "Think it's loaded?" I can imagine Dad's thundering response. The drunk then turned and fired out the window.

The window still has a (taped-over) bullet hole from half a century ago. Used to be, it was just a small hole with spider-cracks, but the cracks have spread to the point of replacement. Alas, history will be lost.