The fate of cult-leader Obama

Thanks for this post. Not to minimize the dangers the author mentions, which do seem real threats, but I see some ameliorating factors.

(1) "... or as a referendum on African-American politicians in general."

Gotta say.. ummm... No. Obama, yes. Democrats, yes. Racist leftie caucuses and programs, yes. But only the looniest lefties (admittedly, a wide swath of folks) could possibly really still think this has anything to do with ethnicity, pigmentation. If it came down to it, 'most everybody I know would gladly swap the current _resident for Col. West. Last time I looked, West forgot to be Nordic. I wouldn't mind seeing how Condy Rice would've done and oh gasp she's even female. Even Gen. Powell, if that was our only other choice, could possibly have managed to not do as much damage.

(2) "cognitive dissonance" - Hard to tell from broad polls, but I think there's less of those with real cog. dis. than of those who just have shallow opinions instead than real principles. That's the big 1/3 of the electorate that seems to wear a different hat every four or eight years, for example. The great mushy middle. You have to have the cognitive to have the dissonance.

(3) Obama-ism most definitely fits all the definitions of a cult, from the beginning. But his forgettable fluffiness cannot stand the test of time as have the words and spirit of Dr King. If O is soundly trounced, and history paints him for the incompetent he is, as has already begun happening, then don't look for his homies, nor the yutes, nor the Democrats, nor anyone else to claim him.

I know of a small doomsday cult — typical story in so many aspects. Religious idealists seduced by a charismatic leader. They huddled in the Safe Place on the Fateful Night, only to wake up the next morning with the birds tweeting and the sun shining and civilization still standing. Fortunately, it was not a Jonestown or a Heaven's Gate. Just a bunch of people who woke up and, most of them, realized they'd been misled by a charming, self-absorbed psychotic. Who is still around, has a few groupies, last I heard, but is no threat any longer.

That should be Obama's fate. God willing.

[I don't know how it happens. I start writing a sentence and a whole bunch of words spew out. Must be 'cause I'm tired. Good night.]