The Giver

When did Sarah become Roger Ebert?

Perception vs. reality. Just like that horrible disappointment, The Matrix, also by the Weinstein brothers. Well, the first Matrix was a classic. Maybe if this film doesn't get sequeled, it'll be okay.

Aren't the Weinsteins known wacko Progressives? or just wacko? One more than the other brother, IIRC. I've heard bad and good things about this film. Thanks for the trailers. I'm wary. Don't plan to contribute to their coffers at the theaters, in any case.

Streep's character: "When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong."

I seem to remember Jugears saying, "people can't be trusted to make good choices" or something like that, but it's not an easy phrase to search out. Jugears told the governors he doesn't trust them; Piers Morgan said people can't be trusted to make our own dietary decisions; stuff like that kept coming up on searching. :D