The Problem Is Merlin

Hahahaha. Great video.

The "apologizing" cat looks like our problem kitty "Merlin." (Daughter named him. I think the technical spelling is mrrrr-lin.) He showed up out at our farm one day, worm-ridden and so thin he was practically two-dimensional. We got him fixed up and fattened up, "hospitalized" during recovery at the office in town.

When we tried to take him back out to the farm, the first thing he did was leap out of my arms and attack our special Godsend little yellow fuzzy guy, Charlie. When I broke that up, Merlin ran in and peed on our bed! Charlie had never had a problem with any of our critters, and he was kind-of traumatized for a while. Subsequent efforts proved no better, and in a choice between Charlie and the newcomer, Charlie wins. Also, peed on our bed was a big strike against Merlin.

So, we kept him in town. But that doesn't really work. It limits our schedule, leaves cat hair around the place, and, then, today, he peed on a blanket on some cushions in the office (the main office room in the office building). Last straw, fellah.

In all these months, we couldn't figure out what to do with him. Everyone we know who'll take in cats is already "full up." I guess really, he's still semi-feral; see these "friendly" scars? There is a very successful "barn cat" placement program at the local shelter, which we've used before when we caught a more seriously semi-feral feline. So, Monday, it looks like we're going to have to give up Merlin. That's hard. Even a rascal gets under your skin and into your heart.

Anyone here want a kitty? Doesn't play well with others and while he does use a litter box, does not always. Free to good home. :(