The War Against Reality

Exactly, Pete, it is entirely about "anti-family,anti-Christian values." Reality is just so obstinate about persisting, but the Regressives are sure they can think and wish (hope & change) their version into fact. There's no such things as boys and girls. Or marriage and family. There's no such thing as values, period, for that matter. At least, not in any sense of good and bad, right and wrong. Just multi-cultural level-playing field. Complete unreality. One defies fact, reality and the Spirit of Truth at one's mortal, and immortal, peril.

Speaking of values and multiculti:

UK Deputy Prime Minister "Nick Clegg has expressed concern that the Government's plans to promote 'British values' in schools could alienate moderate Muslims. The Independent, c/o WZ

On top of everything else wrong with this, I don't think alienating "moderate Muslims" is the real threat….