There are moments in life which define your future

There are moments in life which define your future.

I was looking at computers. There was several choices, including a kit named after a fruit, which I briefly considered.

But I chose Radio Shack's Model I, because I thought, Shack will be around when these other companies are forgotten. Mostly right.

Model I led to Laptop 100, which led me to BBS and CompuServe. Those two served me until I could jump to the PC-AT, and for quite a while after that. And so was my course charted to MS-DOS and I was spared from being an Apple-atchic. Although, as an artist & videographer, with limited budget for hardware & software, I've often looked at Macs wistfully.

Thank you, Radio Shack.

And to whoever wrote the intro to BASIC book that came with the Model I.