Third-100 Comments Comment

Almost caught up, third-100 comments comment:


bebe's boobs destroy #242: ...15 stitches. I'm parked on Gushie's sofa cause I can't maneuver the bandages myself. I'm moving really really slowly so nothing tears.

Prayers for swift and utter healing.

I said utter.


jake #238: ...Saw on OReilly that they ran out of ammo, all of them...

Milady was telling me she heard from the radio that the SEAL who was killed... was unarmed! Perhaps they only meant out of ammo. IAC, Damn!

Richard McEnroe #272: took in an old grey abandoned cat yesterday... grateful as hell to be back in a horse.

Outside of a horse, a book is a ... wait, what? (In-joke for Book Threadies.)