This kind of "action item" makes my eyes roll, too

Pam, I like your fire, and your capacity for expression. On the vengeance-justice matter, you better said succinctly in under sixty words what I struggled to say in several hundred; that's the only comment on the web I've ever clicked thumbs-up. Here, maybe, go back to polite and to the point, rightly suggesting how the Confederacy association might be imprudent, impolitic. Just as a matter of taste, this kind of "action item" makes my eyes roll, too, but the merely pointless and stupid should not fire indignation as much as the unjust and immoral. Who knows? Get the old couple who sang the Sarah Palin Battle Hymn (search YouTube; h/t to Hillbuzz commenter Sebaneau way back), the final product might even be tolerable for one viewing.

United! We! Stand!