Those who try to stop the vets

The blame lies with those who gave the order, not those who are simply doing their jobs. -Hollowpoint

I see this got kicked around a lot. But I sort-of agree, at least with how I take it:

I've been thinking, the drones putting out the gates are nothing to gripe about, really. Sure, it'd be nice if some of them said, "You know what? No!" Honorable people willing to give up their jobs for principle here. But these workers, even the lower-level bureaucrats who give the orders to put up gates, they may be reprehensible morally, but they are indeed just pawns in a game, and as such should melt into insignificance at the vets' mere approach.

Theatrically, the barry-cades work against the tyrants. So, thank those guys who were "just following orders" for helping set the stage for new heroics.

Save the majority of the wrath for the ones who would actually stand there and enforce the barriers, try to stop the vets from snipping the zips and moving the barricades. It is the enforcers who should be thoroughly castigated... did I spell that right?