Three-Day Struggle With YouToob

Evening, y'all. Thanks, CDR M.

The "Da Fuq" image not showing up for me. (Weasel Zippers does not allow hot-linking to this jpg.)

The "8 states that fit into NYC boroughs" had me scratching my head a moment (Montana??), until I looked at the key and realized it's about folks not acres.


Meanwhile, back at the webworkshop...

I made a new video, 18 minutes, and had a three-day struggle with YouToob to get it uploaded. I thought I long ago had been verified for vids longer than fifteen minutes, but apparently not. Among other upload problems.

This, after a couple of days struggling with inadequate computerware to create the vid. (I've not had computerware commensurate with my needs since... I first bought a Radio Shack Model I in 1978! I learn a lot about workarounds, though, you betcha. Mama necessity.)

Altogether a time-consuming but, umm... educational experience. Educational. Yeah.

What's up among ye commentariat tonight?