Thug Life

This comment exchange on Ace was, I thought, relevant to this subject, and worth repeating here, regarding the "social modeling" for these "misguided youth":

If it's someone who looked like Carlton from The
Fresh Prince, Grandma wouldn't be as apt to clutch her purse. But I
know guys who do get the cornrolls [sic] in their hair and wear the white, loose fitting tee shirts for the precise reason they want to look
intimidating. They want that thug lifestyle and that's what makes G-Maw
clutch the purse.

There's more nuance to that rather than just Grandma practicing some institutional microagression RAAAAACISM.

—Dave C at August 12, 2014 09:51 AM

Have much experience with the "Gangsta" portion of the Black Community. Had many friends in it. In their eyes, the top of the social ladder is being a well to do bad ass armed and violent drug dealing pimp with a bevy of "Hos" that occasionally need bitch slapping.

Every one of them works to create that image in themselves.

—D-Lamp at August 12, 2014 10:27 AM

Pardon the language in the quote, but, sadly, it's in context.

Dr. Carson needs to acquire more bling if he want to be a role model.