Trying to Appeal to Any Regressively Politicized Faction

Regarding trying to appeal to LGBT liberals, or any regressively politicized faction. You can't get through if the Fundamentals they believe in "explain away" everything you might say.

The ol' saying about a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet? We've seen, a-plenty, that's not true - the rape victims who still support immigration of folks from rapist cultures, for example.

There's a Ted talk (yeah yeah)
This is your brain on communication
with Uri Hasson, who, amusingly, is not very goodly with the English.

Scans show how brains synch up between speaker and listener. Interesting study.

But, at 11:43 he talks about testing subjects who are told a story, about a man trying to locate his wife, but one group was told that the woman had cheated on her husband, the other was told the husband was just jealous. This one sentence stated before the story was told caused entirely different reactions in the two listeners groups. (Vid explains it better than I'm doing, I'm sure.)

It's a big deal to try to overcome preconceptions - they're m/l hardwired and alter all incoming info.