Tulsa Race Riots

Today's politicians who are protecting felons from prosecution would do well to remember this kind of historical stuff. But I doubt if it is being taught under Common Core. —Vic

Well. I never heard of those riots. Thanks, Vic.

Reminds me a little of how the devastating Tulsa race riot of 1929 got started. Different prep circumstances - the kid was not likely guilty - but the protesting got out of hand. Negro North Tulsa, which had been a healthy, exemplery community. never really recovered from the burning. Had the distinction of being (until Pennsylvania) the only American city to have been bombed from the air.

Fellow students at my high school had to dig up that history - it wasn't bring taught, either. and that was 'way before communist corpse in schools.

That's when I discovered many of those nice black people I grew up with, who worked in white people's homes, came from families who settled on the west side of my home town after escaping the riots. In fact, the refugees went right by my ranch, giving a certain pass near here the name "N____r's* Gap," up until they put up street name signs....

*I hate not just using a word, it's so stupid. I've never used the N pejoratively in my life, but I have several stories which require its use. Bossy language cops!

wait... dang! I wanted to read today, not write... what're you guys saying?