Turning Things Over to the Almighty

Idle Saturday pondering:

I believe in turning things over to the Almighty, asking God to guide and direct me to doing God's will, and like that. Better Your Will than mine, oh Lord!

The more fouled up things get, the less I seem to be able to find answers or do right, the more I seek God's plan, depend on the Spirit for help, inSpiration, whatever-- something! Seeking the "still small voice" that whispers, "this is the Way."

The problem I have is the "answer" I seem to get.

There's a tale - pretty sure I got this from Baba Ram Dass (the Be Here Now guy):

A Great King has a flash of spiritual insight one day, and decides he's going to submit himself to God. To do so, the King leaves his mighty palace, in all his regalia and, with the usual royal entourage in tow, travels to the nearby mud hut, residence of the Guru, who lives humbly and has nothing but the blanket he wears.

The King enters the Guru's hut, kneels before the Guru, handing the Guru his scepter of power, and saying, "Oh, Guru, I am as nothing. I give all my kingdom to you." The Guru smiles, takes the scepter, and thanks the King, accepting his gift.

Then, the Guru hands the scepter back to the King, and says, "Now, you run it for me." ♥

The upshot is, of course, all kingdoms are already God's.

Always liked that story, but in terms of my own attempt to turn over my life to the Almighty, it's all well and good if you have a clue how to run your kingdom. Not so much if you really need guidance or assistance. God may be saying, you have all you need already, yet if things keep going awry, where is the confusion? I mean: whut? Maybe the answer is "not yet"?

*shrug* Meanwhile, what can one do but keep on keepin' on?